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Studying online

What you need to know

Anirudh Vathul Tiruvallur Thattai

My online classes have been extremely informative and fun, and the professors have been extremely helpful during the online lectures. They give us extra time for completing the coursework and assignment because of the time differences between New Zealand and India and are really good at talking us through any difficulties in the curriculum.

Anirudh Vathul Tiruvallur ThattaiIndia

Tips to help you study online from overseas

When you’re studying online from overseas, it doesn’t mean you’re studying alone, but you do need to make a special effort to connect with your classmates and teachers.

Study space

Manage time differences

Create good study habits

Access to resources

Troubleshoot any technical issues

Language challenges


At times, being an online student can be challenging, Remember you are not alone, there is help you can reach out to whenever you need to. If you are unsure of anything or need support, you just need to ask. The help can include:

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